Shamelessly marches to the beat of their own drum, a raunchy avant-garde brand focused on quality, edgy and chic leather handbags. 

This team of two best friends sharing the same love for leather, designer handbags and a vision to shake up the current status quo, created a brand both edgy and classy.  MAVRICK & MERE represents the two sides in every woman. 

The Mavrick in us is the stiletto wearing, quick-witted, martini drinking heart-breaker; she is always stylish, unique and ahead of the curve. Our Mavrick will love you under the lights of the club, and break your heart in the morning.

Our Mere is the girl-next-door, beautiful and sophisticated; she screams understated confidence and dresses to match. Our Mere is working hard or out to brunch with the girls, she is always dressed with trend in mind whilst navigating her life with finesse.

Whether you wake up feeling Mavrick or Mere, our designer handbags will embody a woman's effortless elegant side and rebellious inner streak, whilst always delivering head turning style.

Our inspired KISS BANG leather handbag collection are unapologetic statement pieces; MAVRICK & MERE is a blend of strong lines and custom-made embellishments.

Our pieces are original designs where luxury meets attitude, we love our leathers to be textured displaying the natural grain qualities and our unique fastenings are lovingly hand sourced from around the world.

We would love you to be part of our movement  xx


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