All MAVRICK & MERE products are made of high quality natural materials (real leather), which means that the colour and grain of every piece is unique and cannot be duplicated. Here is the lowdown on how to care for your leather handbag baby.

As every hide is an original skin, you may notice varying features such as veins, blemishes or imprints, these should not be considered imperfections but a part of each individual leather skin. However keeping in mind cowhide is a natural fibre therefore it can soak up liquids it comes into contact with. We recommend avoid handling your leather handbag baby after applying foundation, fragrances, body/hand creams as this can stain.

Leathers can be sensitive to extreme lights, so please try not to leave your leather baby tanning out under the UV for too long, they will fade or discolour.

Some leathers need to be treated with extreme care when wearing certain clothing such as denim. Dye can rub off onto your bag with no way of removing this from the natural skin. Make sure your new outfits are colour fast before letting your handbag hang-out with you.

For our cautious customers you might want to invest into a protective spray or cream, to ensure a long life! For cowhides, fur and suede we recommend using Aqua Seal or Sof Sole waterproofing spray. Make sure you test in a not so visible area first just in case there are any unexpected colour changes. This can be reapplied every 3-4 weeks.

You will be surprised by the dirt that can be living on your bag over time! So as a last resort grab a clean, soft cloth and wipe down your bag to remove any of those baddies that keep your handbag from looking brand new.  For longevity, when you are ready to switch up your MAVRICK & MERE handbags please store them in the dust bags we provide to avoid dust and mildew forming.

And remember your leather handbag baby will evolve over time with use and become as unique and individual as you are, (please don’t overfill them!) they are not invincible.
Take care xx


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